Question: Do players need to attend opening day check-in?

Answer: No, only team managers need to be at check-in. Players do not need to attend but this year Check in will be at Main Event in Frisco

Question: What do players need to wear to skills competitions?

Answer: Players can wear their team uniform or comfortable athletic clothing for the skills competition

Question: What do players need to wear to the opening ceremonies

Answer:Teams typically wear their team uniforms to opening ceremonies but are welcome to wear whatever is convenient and most comfortable to them

Question: What are the gate fees for spectators?

Answer: Gate fees are as follows:

Weekly Passes: 8u/10u $40 for adults (17+) & $20 for kids-seniors-military (6-16, 65+)

12u-18u $30 for Adults

Daily Admission (should you not purchase the week pass): $12 for adults (17+) & $6 for kids-seniors-military (6-16, 65+)

Question: What skills competitions will be offered?

Answer: The following skills competitions will be offered

Infield Around the Horn: 

Team Base Running:

Team Home Run Derby




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