16u/18u Rules/Format

16u/18u Rules/Format

Tournament Rules

 Teams will play 2 Seeded Pool games on Friday

Teams will then be Seeded into Several Double Elimination Brackets

All teams will be placed into a Gold/Silver/Bronze/Tin Single Elimination Sunday
(Based on total teams in Division)

Teams in the Championship
Rosters must be online.
​Protests are $100 (cash) and money is given back if you win

All games are finish inning or when we have an official game
Pool Games: 80 min (must have a winner)
Flip for HM/Visitor
​6 runs per half

Double Elimination Bracket Games:
80 Min (must have a winner)
Higher Seed from Pool picks HM/Visitor 
Same Seed Flips
​Unlimited runs per half

Sunday Single Elimination Games
80 min (must have a Winner)
Flip for HM/Visitor
Unlimited Runs per half

Championship Game
​Flip for HM/Visitor 
All USSSA Rules in effect

ITB for Bracket Games
1st ITB: Runner on 2nd
2nd ITB: Runner on 2nd, 2 Balls one Strike count
3rd ITB: Runner on 2nd and 3rd 2 Balls one Strike Count
4th ITB:  Bases loaded and Full count
Except for Championship game which will be played per USSSA Rules

In case of a rain-shortened tournament, Bracket games can be deemed official after 2 ½ innings of play (with home team winning) or 45 minutes of elapsed game time. This policy will only be used through Bracket play. In addition, if games are cancelled due to weather, there may be an adjustment in application of the tie-breaking procedures.

A roster Protest must be made before the 1st pitch of the 3rd inning. If a player is caught on a line up card that is not on the USSSA online Roster or a Guest Player/Pick up list the offending team will receive a 7-0 Loss. The offending Team will not be eliminated from the tournament unless the 7-0 loss put the team out of the event. 

If event Rains out in the “IF” game and we do not have a clear winner after 2 1/2 innings then both teams will be Declared Co Champions (teams will flip for 1st and 2nd place awards)
No Refunds for the Weekend passes after event Starts

Based on USSSA Rules for National Championship
The following tiebreaker system will be used at all National tournaments to determine an order of finish in the event a tournament cannot be completed.
Note that all games in the tournament should be used when average runs scored or allowed are being computed. This includes both pool and bracket play.
1. All teams still in the Winners’ Bracket are ordered first, using the following: a) Most wins including pool and bracket play b) Least average runs allowed per game played c) Highest average run differential per game played (8 run limit) d) Coin toss
2. Next, teams in the same spot in the Losers’ Bracket are ordered by the following: a) Head-to-head (this is used first when only two teams are in the same spot) b) The team which advanced farthest in the Winners’ Bracket before losing c) Least average runs allowed per game played d) Highest average run differential per game played (8 run limit) e) Coin toss
​3. If only two teams remain in the tournament and each has one loss in bracket play, then those teams will be declared co-champions.


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